About Us



Always keeping products and services and customer focus at the top in international quality standards; to maintain its reputation as a reliable and preferred brand. Carrying the achievements of the national scale to the international arena and being one of the leading names in its field.


Growing up with the identity of researcher and innovator by transferring knowledge to different business areas including important projects that provide social and economic benefits. To be a pioneer and to make a difference by applying the investment policy that is formed on the basis of principles, to provide services with the use of modern technology, expert human resources, corporate quality understanding formed within the frame of knowledge accumulation. To act with the awareness that the profitability in the long run has passed through quality; contribute to the development of the sectors and the economy in which they operate; ensuring sustainability as a trusted group in all directions.


The BBD Group's main strategy is to protect and strengthen its key position in defense industry and energy sector.The Group's growth and growth strategy is structured on the basis of reflecting the years of experience gained in the field of commitment and its accumulation to other business areas where national and international development opportunities are seen.