Service Detail


Rising road block uses ROAD BLOCKER in situations where intensive security is required. Where passengers are not permitted to pass through with a vehicle at controlled entry and exit. Easy to use, requiring little maintenance. This device is engineered using today's technology.

Rising Road Blocker (Road Blocker); it will not be affected by impacts of 30 tonnes per axle, nor will there be any deformation over these vehicles.

The parts at ground level in the floor of the ROAD BLOCKER are manufactured from ST912 steel NPU. 

Supporting conveyor columns are coated with hot dip galvanized after manufacturing process from ST912 steel NPI, and then static paint is applied. 

ROAD BLOCKER is made of ST912 steel NPU, covered with 1 mm ST37 quality steel sheet, hot dipped galvanized and painted with static paint which is suitable for highway traffic sign.

Installation of ROAD BLOCKER; the bottom opening is fixed with high-dose concrete first. After the concrete is dried, the upper moving part is fixed by fixing. The automation and power unit are made in sequence after mounting the floor block on the floor. 


  • Heater cooler kit
  • Access card pass system
  • Remote control system
  • Infrared sensor - loop sensor
  • 100 piece traffic lights red, green
  • Hydraulic flow divider