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Composite poles produced with military production specifications and technology + meet the requirements for fiber reinforced polymer composite lighting poles. (TS-EN 40 and TEDAŞ-MYD/0038)

BBD Group composite masts are designed with high strength / weight ratio. Impact bending and torsion are high, no deformation in the bumps. Vibrations with high mechanical stress have 4 times more fatigue resistance than steel.

Lightweight: Glass reinforced composite poles having density 1.7kg/dm3 are lighther 4,5 times than steel 1,5 times than aluminum 9 times than concrete poles. Low mass saves handling transport and erection costs.

Non Conductive: Perfect electrical isolation properties completely prevents accidental electrocution by electrical leakage and faulty wiring.

Longevity: Under or above ground parts of composite poles completely resistant to corrosion. Composite poles having superior corrosion resistance, preferred in marshlands, acidic soil, sea shore, salty smog and high temperarure fluctuation regions. Completely resistant to humid, foggy, salty smog atmospheric enviroments and UV radiation. 

Ecological importance: Composite poles are ecological, once they are produced, they require no chemical treatment like wood and steel poles. Wood and steel poles in time cause pollution and environmental problems in soil erected around. There is no disposal and recycling costs of composite poles as chemically treated poles, have long life and can be reused

Composite poles produced by BBD can be safely used in place of wood, concrete, aluminum and steel poles exposed serious problemslike salt corrosion nearseashores, marshlands, an regions having great temperature fluctuations. BBD composite poles are suitable In these regions which traditional poles does not guarantee definite and lasting solution.