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  • New and totally unique! 
  • 220 mm diameter
  • 450 mm lift height
  • Custom diameters and heights can be produced according to your needs
  • Contact us now to discuss your needs
  • After the collision, it will turn right and left to itself and will come back to the floor when necessary.
  • UV-resistant surface coating

BBD Group Mortar Barriers resistant to impact and weather conditions made of normu 304 quality stainless steel pipes. The diameter and height of the barriers depending on the requirements or the desired level of security. Electronic feature thanks to the upgrade / lowering process, any card reader, remote control, fingerprint recognition biometric readers, automatic plate identification system, or a simple control knob. In addition to this system; magnetic loop safety accessories such as detectors, photocells, flashing lights or totally red / green traffic light can be easily integrated. If you want to be in a certain region, even in the whole city mushrooms the barriers can be opened and closed remotely with a single touch by connecting to a control center.

It is designed so that a fast-paced vehicle will never get in and will continue to work as a crasher. Thanks to the hydraulic working system, the mushroom barrier operation is 100% continuous and is a problem-free solution even in the most dense places. It is designed as a pneumatic system that does not pass a vehicle coming at a speed of 50 km for places requiring high security.